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Welcome to Morning Song Music Group

Morning Song Music has a new name, Morning Song Music Group. Each of our label artists and partner ministries, whose web sites were once found at morningsong.org, are managing their own websites using their own domain names. Morning Song will soon have a new website that will more accurately describe our new restructuring as “The Morning Song Music Group”.  It will be a ‘hub’ site for all things related to Morning Song.


What is the Morning Song Music Group?

Morning Song Logo

Our corporate logo is associated with all Morning Song Music Group companies.

Steve Darmody began a concert and recording ministry in 1979 with the recording of Steve’s first CD recorded in Nashville, TN called, Shall We Learn To Be Friends. In 1982 the name, Morning Song, and the logo was adopted and and a greater vision began for Morning Song’s ministry in the fields of church music ministry. As we reach our three decade of ministry, the name Morning Song Music Group is many things: a record label called Morning Song Music; a booking agency and tour and concert series coordinator called Morning Song Concerts; an on-line CD store called the Morning Song eStore and it’s internet radio station; a cd replication company called Ariel Media, and a Christian cruise and travel promotion agency called Horizon Travel.


In past years the name Morning Song was an umbrella name that represented Steve Darmody’s ministry as well as a  ‘coop’ of like-minded inspirational artists.   This allowed Steve the privilege to mentor, train, counsel, manage and aid these artist in developing their personal independent ministries. As time passed, each artist grew into equally successful independent ministries.  These artists – Vonda Beerman, Jennifer LaMountain and Rudy Micelli – have gone on to establish successful international ministries. While Morning Song, as a coop, is no more, we all, as friends and fellow artists associated with Morning Song Music Group, continue to work as a family, helping each other, touring together and much more.

“Morning Song Music Group” continues to serve our label artists as well as many other artists associated through the eStore, the concert booking and promotion agency, and other MSMG activities and companies.  Many of the same relationship and activities are still in place but in an enlarged form to include other artists. We still work together in shared ministry activities that included recording under the Morning Song label, touring with Morning Song Concerts, investing in mutual advertising and marketing projects and so on.

Each artist that has worked with Steve, has contributed significantly to the growth of what is now the Morning Song Music Group.  We could not be more appreciative of their contribution to the growth of Morning Song.


Morning Song, Inc. is a non-profit corporation managed by its president, Steve Darmody.  Its primary work is managing the personal concert ministry of Steve Darmody. Morning Song, Inc. has several sub-ministries such as Morning Song Concerts and Booking, Morning Song Friendship Evangelism Concert Series, and the Morning Song National Christmas Tour.

The Morning Song eStore (a part of MS, Inc.) distributes CDs, DVDs, and books to retail and ministry outlets worldwide from our a growing list of independent artists as well as our MS label artists.  Ariel-Media Group is a custom design, print and CD replication company offering the lowest prices in CD replication for our estore artists and others.